post production


Once production (filming) is well underway we will commence the post-production or editing process. 

What happens during post-production?


The edit suite is where your video really starts to come to life. The editing process can be very time consuming and the amount of time we require to edit a video will vary from project to project, depending on the style and complexity of your requirements.

We will discuss estimated post-production time requirements during our initial meeting with you but once the project develops and we go through the production process we will be able to give a better estimate.  We will require a level of commitment and time from you during post-production; the amount is again dependant on the style, complexity and content of your video.

When filming is complete we normally will start the editing process to remove extraneous content and improve the flow.  However, in some instances (e.g. very technical content) we might require you to work with us directly to ensure continuity.

We utilize an online service call Wipster to work with you on this part of the project.  This allows us to post up rough-cut preview copies for you to review.  You will be able to click on specific screens or sections to tell us exactly what you would like changed, or simply that you like what we’ve done! 

Please note that this is a preview copy only – the sound might not be brilliant and the pictures will not be colour corrected. This process will repeat with the developing video, going back and forth between us and you until you are satisfied with the results. 

At the conclusion we will provide the finished media in your required format and request that you sign the project off as complete.

What post-production facilities do you have?

We edit using PC workstations using Adobe editing software.  We also utillise other specialised post-production software to create a professional look and feel to your finished production which we can provide in a range of formats.

Feel free to have a look at some examples of our work