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Here are some helpful tips on undertaking a photography project

It’s all about planning your shoot

  • Consider what the intended use of the photos is and be sure to convey this to the photographer to help plan your shoot (updated headshot, promotional photos, group portrait)
  • Prior to the shoot try to think of at least two locations that would work well as a backdrop for your photos (office, lab, campus, park, field research location, etc.) If you are unsure of a location, try to talk to the photographer beforehand to allow them time to find a suitable location.
  • Be sure to check that the photographer has permission to photograph in security sensitive areas (labs, medical offices)
  • Consider whether or not you’d like to have just one or two outfits for your shoot (adding a lab coat, blazer or scarf are easy ways to quickly accomplish this)
  • Do you have any props that would work well in the photo? (Laptops, research equipment or physical models can add interest to an image)

Allow time a shoot

While we try to work quickly and effectively, the more time we have with you results in better quality and variety of images we will be able to give you. We need time to set up our equipment and see the location, so we recommend at least an hour for a shoot if possible.


How many photos will you take?

The number of photos we take depends on the amount of time we have to work with you and what type of photography services you need. For example a headshot may only result in several photos while a graduation event might yield a hundred or more.

Can I pick out my photos?

After the photoshoot our photographers carefully select the best images from the session and eliminate images that are unusable (closed eyes, out of focus, lighting issues) They will then edit and send you the best of these images to use.
What if the lighting in my workplace is bad?
We have our own professional lighting equipment and can compensate if the space is not well lit.

How will I get my photos?

After being carefully selected and edited the images are saved as a zip file and uploaded to the University of Auckland’s web drop off system. A link will be emailed to you allowing you to download the file containing the images. Please note: the links are automatically inactive after two weeks, be sure to save your files in a secure location upon receiving the link.

Can we meet up to take photos off campus?

Depending on the location we will try our best to accommodate you.

This feels overwhelming, can you help?

Of course! We want to make your photoshoot fun and productive. If you have questions about to your shoot please feel free to contact the Media Production photographers.