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meet the team








Folko Boermans

Creative Director




 Folko has been in the broadcast industry for 20 yeas before starting at Media Productions in 2014. He started off at the BBC as an editor working on a wide variety of TV programmes ranging from Arts through Music, sport and documentaries. In 2007 he won a BAFTA for his work. Between 2007 and 2014 he was a producer director working on a range of BBC documentaries. Folko oversees the creative content of all projects and manages the Media Productions operation/team.


His feet are generally wet, they might even be webbed.



Richard Smith

Content Producer

Richard is an extremely experienced director producer. He has been involved with the production of a wide variety of educational programme material for over 30 years. He was a lecturer in the successful Post-graduate Diploma in Broadcast Communications course and his expertise extends to media training, acting and writing as well as the skills of photography, editing and directing.

He started at the University when life was still in black and white. 

Nicola Smith

Post-production supervisor

Nicola is a very experienced editor who has worked on a wide range of projects ranging from dramas like Outrageous Fortune to documentaries. She has been a freelance editor for major New Zealand production companies and also spent time in London working for the BBC. At Media Productions Nicola oversees the post-production process as well as producing items on location.

Be aware, Nic can hear someone clicking your pen from a mile away.

Matt Pendred

Motion Graphic Artist

Over the last 18 years Matt has worked in the design and broadcast industry for a range of television stations and post-production facilities in New Zealand and Europe. He spend time in London working for BSkyB and Living TV before moving to Denmark to work for M2Film, now one of Denmark’s largest Film Production Companies. At Media Productions, Matt designs graphics, animation, and colour grades our films. Having been trained in Visual Communication, he has skills to help convey information visually in clear and simple ways for the audience to understand.

Any similarity to Vincent van Gogh is purely unintentional.


Pete Gedye
Pete produces some of our video productions and is a talented camera operator. He is also an accomplished editor and uses our sophisticated post production software. He loves wearing grey T-shirts, sometimes even sleeveless ones.
Jacqueline Dollard

Production Coordinator

Jacqueline has worked in film and television for 15 years with writers, directors, agents, producers, and studio executives in production, casting, and script development in the US industry as well as New Zealand.  Her work experience includes companies such as 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, HBO and New Regency Pictures. She is experienced as a producer, production manager, coordinator and casting director.

At Media Productions Jacqueline coordinates the projects from the original brief through the pre-production, setting up the filming and ensuring delivery of the final product.

Jax spends three hours a day commuting from the North, playing ‘Bye Bye Miss American Pie’ on a loop on her car stereo.


Chris Stevenson

Media Technician

Chris has spent 10 years working in the UK TV industry.  Shooting primarily in HD, he’s worked on a variety of live and pre-recorded productions both on location and in studios.  His clients included the BBC, Sky News and some of the biggest outside broadcast companies in the UK. At Media Productions Chris is in charge of all our equipment, and flies our drone. He also comes out on shoots to assist in the filming.

Chris used to have squeeky shoes, but he got rid of them so now we can’t hear him coming.


Jethro Martin

Producer Director

Before taking up his current role in mid 2016 he managed a small production company; Looking Glass Videos based in the Waikato.

He graduated from Waikato Institute of Technology in 2012. As an avid film enthusiast, he enjoys watching film and theatre as well as creating his own short films and participating in theatre productions. The process of producing a filmic narrative, while being very challenging, is something he finds extremely rewarding and every project teaches him new skills.

We have no idea why he has a metal wire sticking out of his forehead.


Billy Wong


Billy graduated from the YOBEE school of design in 2016.

He is highly passionate about visual storytelling and the power of editing and have always been enthralled by all forms of media, whether it be movies or television. Attention to detail and a strong eye for the perfect cut, he has acquired experience in editing and videography through fashion videos and short films.

Billy is busy growing a Mexican moustache, but it takes a while so that is why he is hiding behind a bunch of flowers.


Elise Manahan

Photographer /  Media Assistant

Elise moved to Auckland late 2018 from the US where she worked as a photographer in newsrooms, magazine departments, and operated her own photography business.

With her background in photojournalism, much of her work has focused on telling stories in a unique, impartial and visually-compelling way.

She has short hair now, or maybe she is hiding it all in her french baret?

Lorenz Gunawan

Junior Editor /  Media Assistant

Lorenz is a Video Editor, Digital Designer and Camera Operator. He has worked 2 years in the creative industry as a contractor and  shot, directed and edited creative and commercial projects involving Motion Graphics, Dance & Choreography, Film, Music, Culinary, Theatre, Advertising and Real Estate.

He graduated from AUT with a degree in Bachelor of Art & Design, majoring in Digital Design.

He takes his skateboard with him everywhere, even to the bathroom.