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Brentley Ford had a life-changing moment 30 years ago when he was given a brain to hold at the Richard Faull’s Centre of Brain Research. From then on he made it his mission to make sure his brain is donated to Sir Richard Faull when he passes away. There is only one slight snag; he lives on his own on Waiheke Island. Directed by Folko Boermans.

TV coverage about the documentary

About the Centre for Brain Research
The Centre for Brain Research is a unique partnership between scientists, clinicians and the community. Established in 2009, the centre excels in world-class collaborative neuroscience research carried out by over 80 cross-faculty research teams, alongside clinical collaborations with leading neurologists, neurosurgeons and physicians in New Zealand and around the world, and in partnership with the community. Scientists, doctors and students work at every level, from the laboratory to the clinic to the whānau and community. By working together the CBR aims to provide a brighter future and hope for people and families affected by brain disease.

Much of the work of the CBR wouldn’t be possible without the support of generous people and families in the community who are committed to helping advance brain research at the CBR and with the wonderful support of funding organisations and philanthropic donors. Their support enables the CBR to continue to develop new therapies, improve clinical care and educate the wider community.

Sir Richard Faull; “Our research at the CBR is only possible because of the extraordinary support from people and families in the community who are committed to the donation of their loved one’s brain after death to advance our research. Bradley Ford’s story is a typical example of this wonderful support that humbles us and makes us more determined than ever to drive our research forward for the benefit of all who are touched by brain disease.”
Richard Faull.