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Teaching and Learning Media

Examples of Teaching and Learning videos


We are committed to offering undergraduate teaching and learning support.

We can offer media solutions to enhance your teaching material.

This can be as simple as an introduction to camera, to videos for a 12 week online course and anything inbetween.

See below for examples of different teaching and learning videos.

If you would like to request use of our services please complete see our request process.

This video was made for IT to show staff the dangers involved with email and online usage.

Instead of giving a dry explanation of how to spot malicious emails, we decided to show some personal stories of how staff has been affected by these scams.

The video is presented by Patrick Girard, senior lecturer at the University of Auckland.

This video was made for a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) aimed at secondary schools.

It features the STEM subjects and aims to get students inspired in taking up the subject.

The video is presented by Cara who is a recent engineering graduate.

You can make an example on how to conduct an interview or consultation.

An easy way to show students examples of good and bad practice.


A video can simply demonstrate how to conduct a specific examination.

This is a video showing a respiratory examination.

You can make a simple introduction for your online course. This helps students put a name to the face as well as making it feel more approachable.

This video is presented by Dr Annette Dunham lecturer at Population Health.

Video is a great way to document workshops and show teaching in action.

This Lost at Sea workshop does exactly that.

Video is a great way to explain why assignments are designed for particular courses.

This is a conversation between a Post Graduate student and his supervisor.

Procedures are easy to explain using a simple video.

This is a video showing what the procedure for paramedics applying an injection.

Medical procedures are easy to explain using a simple video.

This is a video showing how to tie a suture knot correctly.