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Media Productions win runner up in 48hr film challenge.


In the last weekend of August 2017 Media Productions entered the HP48 hour film challenge. The premise was simple; filmmakers have just one weekend to make a short film. The HP48 hour challenge is a long running competition across New Zealand, and one of the judges is Sir Peter Jackson, the director of Lord of the Rings.

We didn't know what genre (thriller/romance etc.) we would be shooting until the start of the competition. All creativity: writing, shooting, editing and adding a musical soundtrack, had to happen within the 48-hour window beginning Friday evening at 7 pm and ending Sunday at 7 pm. To add to the mayhem, the judges added some random elements.

So Media Productions under the synonym of Missing Pixels took up the challenge and went to the Hollywood cinema in Avondale to find out what kind of film they had to produce. (together with 563 teams which entered across New Zealand)

Friday 7pm 48hrs to go

Well, we were given an interesting theme; The Christmas Movie.

The short film also had to include a few elements like a scream, a collision and a female character.

We all rushed back to the Fisher Building and started brainstorming on what the story was going to be. With such a short timeframe you have to be clever about what you want to film, so writing a good script is essential.

Friday 11pm 43hrs to go

A few hours of talking later, we had finally agreed on an idea; a lonely and cynical DJ at 4 minutes to midnight Christmas Eve, asking the audience a good reason why he shouldn’t kill himself before Christmas.

Saturday 9am 34hrs to go

Time to write the script. What where the callers going to say? How would we give this story a twist at the end? How could we incorporate the elements we had to put in? Jethro and Pete started on the script, while the rest of the team went to the TV Studio to transform it into a radio studio on Christmas Eve. A lot of work had to be done on lighting the studio to make it look moody.

Saturday 12noon 31hrs to go

The script is taking shape, but we still haven’t shot anything. We decided Richard is the DJ, but we will only see the back of him in the shots. The piece was going to be simple; the sound of the radio show and a slow track into the lonely DJ in the studio.

Saturday 5pm

Finally the script is ready and we could start shooting. What was meant to be a simple shot was not that easy to achieve. The studio was dark and it proved difficult to keep the shot in focus. We had to completely re-rig the camera and use the studio pedestal as a camera mount.

In the end we managed to get a really good and smooth shot.

Saturday 8pm 23hrs to go

Time for a quick bite to eat, as we still had to shoot the final scene. This was going to a shot of the last caller who would provide the final twist in this dark Christmas tale.


Saturday 9pm 22hrs to go

While the edit team started working on the edit, the camera team whisked off to Grey-Lynn to shoot an intriguing garage shot.

Saturday 11pm 19hrs to go

That’s a wrap! Just the edit and voice over to do.

Sunday 10am 9hrs to go

Work started on the edit and modifying the script. The video part was simple; only four shots, but the dialogue was a challenge. We still had to record the callers into the show, and quite a few main voices had to be re-recorded.

Sunday 1pm 6hrs to go

The edit is looking good, but all the sound effects still needed to be added.

We were also working on the end credits and how we wanted the edit to look colour wise.

Sunday 3pm 4hrs to go

A run through of the video. It was looking and sounding good, but still quite a few more modifications needed.

Sunday 5pm 2hrs to go

Final viewing. When looking at it on the big monitor it was looking far too grainy, so we had to re-do the colour correction. We started to get a little worried as we still had to drive to Avondale by 7pm to deliver the USB stick with the final video on it.

Sunday 5.45pm 1hr 45mins to go

Finally we played the video to be delivered, it was looking good and ready to go!

Sunday 6.15pm 45mins to go

Jethro and Lorenz made it to Avondale with 45 minutes to spare.

Relief all round and a great team effort!




On the 2nd of September we attended the Auckland final and were given the audience award. But we didn’t know if we had made it through to the next stage.


And then in October we found out had made it through to the Grand Final where the 563 teams had been whittled down to 18 finalists.

It was a long ceremony in the Civic theatre on the 11th of November, which some brilliant entries from across New Zealand.

We must say we were very surprised when our team name came up for runner up!

The speeches and photos where a bit of a blur, as we were a little shell shocked.

Overall it was a brilliant experience and we can’t wait to enter again next year!


You can see the film we made here;

It contains references to suicide so viewer discretion is advised.

See what happened on the grand final night here;

Missing Pixels consisted of

Folko Boermans

Jethro Martin

Pete Gedye

Richard Smith

Lorenz Gunawan

Billy Wong

Michelle Vergel de Dios (who is now working for TVNZ but returned to join us for this film)


See a photo gallery of the night here;